At Commerce Press, we are committed to environmental responsibility. For us, that means using resources wisely, minimizing our impact on the environment whenever possible, and keeping up to date with the latest sustainable print ng solutions.

Some examples of our initiatives include:

  • Working exclusively with non-toxic vegetable based inks, bio inks
  • Reusing and recycling all paper, cardboard, and metal plates in our printing area
  • Investing in technologies like Green Flow Neutralizer™ to treat the CTP Chemistry, so it’s safe before it
    enters the drainage system
  • Eliminating alcohol emissions into the environment
  • Continuing to minimize our impact by actively reducing, reusing and recycling in our office and our homes
  • Seeking new ways to conserve energy
  • We use ND-500 blanket and roller wash from the C.L.E.A.N., closed loop solvent recycling system
  • Commerce Press is FSC certified
  • Commerce Press is committed to a process-less plate system which eliminates chemicals and chemical
    waste from our production process
  • Powering our plant with solar energy
  • Engaging employees to support these initiatives

For more details about our environment, please contact us.

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